5 Activities that Can Help You Age Gracefully


Graceful Aging is Doing What We Know We Need to Do

Aging gracefully is less complicated and less difficult than one might imagine. The fact is, most of us understand what is required to age gracefully, but we don’t do it because we are too busy or we don’t believe in the importance of the following 5 activities. Nevertheless, the these five activities can mean the difference between an active old age and a painful one:

1) Stretching

We all know how important stretching is, but the majority of us do not commit the time to stretching that is required to make us flexible. flexibility prevents injury, increases blood flow, releases hormones into our blood stream, removes carcinogens from our tissue and can even release endorphins that put us into a state of relaxation, even euphoria.
The fact is, stretching is probably more important to aging gracefully that any form of exercise because it is a preventative measure.

2) Swimming

Unlike many other cardio-exercises that neglect the entire upper portion of the body, from head to toe, swimming rushes blood into the muscles and tissue. There are few exercises a person can do to challenge every aspect of the body. Swimming is an exception to that rule and, hence, exceptional exercise. Swimming challenges the shoulders, the back, the core, the legs and buttocks and the lungs. In fact, swimming is one of the most challenging cardiovascular workouts possible.
Another aspect of swimming that makes it very unique is the fact that a swim workout takes very, very little time in relation to other forms of exercise.

3) Bike Riding

Like swimming, biking is a very low impact form of exercise. While mountain biking is higher impact, very little of that impact is on a person’s knees. One of the most important joints to manage and protect as we grow into old age are the knees. There are some that argue running and other high impact exercises damage the cartilage in the joints and should be avoided. Bicycling is the perfect alternative for someone looking for low impact exercise.

4) Body

Weight Exercises – No other type of exercise so fully exemplifies a person’s strength-to-weight ratio like body-weight exercises. In addition to being the most complete measure of a person’s strength-to-weight ratio, body-weight exercises prevent injury because it is impossible to add more weight than a person can lift.
If a person can not do a pushup or pull-up, there is no risk of the weight falling on them and tearing ligaments. Body-weight exercises are far-and-away the safest type of exercises a person can perform in a gym.

5) Eating Right

To answer your question, yes, eating is an activity. Again, we all know these things, but they bear repeating: stay away from processed carbs, processed sugar, processed meats, and eat your veggies and fish.

Dr. David Voyer

Dr. David Voyer

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