Your Arizona Worker’s Compensation Case and Chiropractic Care

Your Arizona Worker's Compensation Case




Worker’s Compensation in Arizona

Workers compensation is a system that enforces payment and other compensation by the employer when an employee is injured on the job. The employer must pay lost wages and payment or insurance to cover medical expenses. Workers’ compensation is specified by state law.

The Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) administers Worker’s Compensation in Arizona. Arizona is a no fault system Worker’s Compensation system. No fault means that when an employee is injured on the job, they are entitled to receive benefits for such an injury regardless of whose fault it is. For example, if an employee created a dangerous situation at work and was injured as a result, it wouldn’t matter that the fault was his.

The injured worker can get medical benefits and receive temporary compensation if he meets the eligibility requirements. In certain cases, job retraining and permanent compensation are part of Worker’s Compensation in AZ.


How to Obtain Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Arizona

Work is a dangerous place. In 2013 on average 12 deaths occurred every day at work according to OSHA. Even if you have no medical insurance, Worker‘s Compensation can pay for the health care you need to recover from injuries you received at work.

When you’re injured at work and seek compensation, here are a few tips to obtain the help you need.

  1. A written claim must be filed at the Industrial Commission of Arizona within one year in of the injury. Each state has different requirements. Online forms for filing a claim may be found on Industrial Commission of Arizona website.
  2. Attend all medical visits and follow directions provided by you medical and chiropractic care givers. Failure to attend scheduled medical appointments and failure to follow the directions of your health care providers can be viewed as medical noncompliance. If it’s determined that you’re noncompliant, the insurance carrier can petition the state labor department to terminate your Arizona Worker’s Compensation benefits.

Arizona Compensation Rates If Your Claim is Approved?

Most states provide payment of a percentage of the worker’s average wage during periods of disability. In Arizona, the maximum average monthly wage for injuries occurring in 2010 was $3763.44. This equates to 2/3 of the worker’s average monthly wage which is the maximum compensation rate in AZ. For injuries occurring in 2010, it is $2509.09 per month, paid bi-weekly or monthly. Some claimants suffer from serious injuries and file for Social Security disability. There’s a six month waiting period to receive Social Security disability, so collecting worker’s comp during this period can provide invaluable support for a worker and his family.

Arizona Workers Compensation statistics and data

Data obtained from ICA 2013 Annual Report

Your Chiropractor Can Serve as Your Expert Medical Witness

In some cases the treating doctor can offer testimony about the nature of the claimant’s injuries, which can have a very positive effect on the benefits awarded the claimant. Advanced Back & Neck Care can offer the right kind of testimony for a desired adjudication outcome. With significant back and neck care experience, we can create an accurate picture of the injuries presented in Worker’s Compensation cases.

Work injuries such as slips and falls, forklift accidents, lifting injuries and other health problems caused by dangerous equipment are often the sources of debilitating neck and back pain.

Chiropractors are specifically trained to treat these types of injuries. Among people seeking back pain relief alternatives, most choose Arizona chiropractic treatment. More than 20 million Americans visit chiropractors each year. 35% are suffering from back pain resulting from various causes, including industrial accidents.

One problem that an Arizona chiropractor treats more often as time goes by is Carpal Tunnel Disability. It’s one of many problems caused by repetitive motion in the work place. With much work performed at the computer, typing with hands in a fixed position and with the wrist poised over the mouse, the body is stressed in many ways. Disabling symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include numbness or tingling, weakness in the hand and difficulty moving fingers or gripping and carrying items. Arm, wrist or hand pain is common.

We provide chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, and pain management to our Arizona Worker’s Compensation patients. Our techniques alleviate stress and muscle ache. When untreated, these problems rarely disappear on their own. When you visit our full pain management clinic at Advanced Back & Neck Care, you’ll be able to benefit from our chiropractic treatment as well as gain support for your Worker’s Compensation injury case in Chandler, AZ.




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