Auto Accident Pain Management in Chandler, Arizona

Auto Accident Pain Management in Chandler, Arizona

Dealing with Pain from a Motor Vehicle Personal Injury?

According to the latest study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 2.3 million people suffered injuries from a car accident in 2013. Injuries that are sustained in a car accident, whether from soft-tissue damage, whiplash or broken bones, often cause pain that can last for a very long time. Pain and healing time can be reduced through the use of medical massage, chiropractic care, strength training and physical therapy. These processes work with the body to help a person heal naturally.

Evaluation of Personal Injury After a Car Accident

At Advanced Back and Neck Care, we treat more than just the spine. Whether a person’s hip, shoulder or even wrist was wounded in an accident, we can help. We will review X-rays, MRIs and other diagnostic imagery to determine the extent of an injury and create a comprehensive treatment plan for the patient.

Treat Every Car Accident Seriously

Auto accidents do not always cause immediate pain. It can take hours or even days for an injury to reveal itself after an automobile accident. It is more likely that injuries will be immediately evident during a high-speed crash because the force of the impact is so harsh. However, when a person is involved in a low-speed accident, the g-force of a crash at a rate as low as six to twelve miles per hour is enough to cause injuries.

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How Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Can Help

Manual therapies, such as chiropractic and physical therapy, focus on manipulating and aligning the body in ways that allow the body to heal on its own. These practices promote the body’s ability to heal using different methods. In chiropractic, the spine, neck or other body part is realigned using a hands-on technique performed by the chiropractor. With physical therapy, the therapist teaches the patient how to use exercise in proper form so the body has the strength to properly heal. These practices are often used together as a whole-person healing approach.

Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

Myofascial release, stretching, trigger point release, range of motion exercises and massage therapy also provide benefits to someone who has been injured in an auto accident. These techniques work to induce relaxation, decrease physical stress, reduce pain and enhance natural function of the body. Medical massage improves blood flow and encourages the soft tissues to relax, inducing the rehabilitation of injured soft tissues.

Personalized Home Care Programs

Advanced Back and Neck Care believes that care continues at home, which is why we develop a personalized program that the patient is able to utilize between visits. An individualized program encourages active healing by helping the patient regain strength and restore mobility by using techniques tailored to improve the specific injury.

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Therapeutic Modalities

Like massage and chiropractic, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, heat and ice can each play a significant role in the healing process. A person’s body suffers a significant amount of trauma when they are involved in a car accident. Therapeutic modalities work with other healing methods to retrain muscles, reduce pain and, like massage, promote increased circulation and decrease the physical memory of the trauma.

Car Accident Injury Treatment – Working With a Personal Injury Attorney

Advanced Back and Neck understands the physical, emotional and financial impact that comes from car accident injuries. We will gladly work with a patient’s personal injury attorney to provide information necessary about the case.

Personal Injury Insurance Claims

Medical expenses stemming from car accident injuries are typically part of an insurance claim. Medical expenses could include any portion of the care of your injuries, from chiropractic co-pays to prescription costs and lost wages. Advanced Back and Neck Care will happily work with a patient’s insurance company.


Motor Vehicle Injury Pain Management Services in Chandler, AZ

If you have sustained injuries due to an automobile accident, Advanced Back and Neck Care in Chandler, AZ is here to help. Contact us today to begin the healing process. We provide comprehensive pain managment using a whole team approach, and we have many years experience working with insurance and attorneys.

Dr. David Voyer

Dr. David Voyer

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