Chiropractic Care Vs. Medicine

Finding proper treatment for any health-related ailment can be a daunting task. While most doctors in the United States swear by the efficacy and effectiveness of Western medicine, others, both doctors and other health-care practitioners alike, believe that chiropractic care is a less destructive, more sensible path to take when caring for patients. And while each can provide some sort of relief, chiropractic care is the only option that goes beyond the symptoms of a malady and eradicates the root cause of a variety of problems.


Differences Between Chiropractic Care and Standard Medicine


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What Are They?


Medicine is everything that you can take to fix a symptom of your problems, and it’s everywhere! Advertised on television, magazines, and everywhere you look, Western medicine is generally a synthetic creation aimed at alleviating symptoms of an underlying problem. Pills for headaches, syrup for coughs, injections for joint pains – these are all different medicines.


Chiropractic care focuses strictly on the nervous and musculoskeletal system, with the belief that many common ailments stem from problems in both. Practitioners use a hands-on system that focuses on manipulation of joints that have lost mobility. Chiropractic care uses no Western medicine, and is an entirely drug-free system.


Pros and Cons of Western Medicine


The pros are simple. Western medicine can offer temporary relief from pain. If you have a backache, you can take a concoction of pills to erase the pain for a few hours. Same goes for any pain, but it’s a short-term reprieve.


The cons are vast. Constant use of Western medicine often leads to dependence on a substance and can even lead to abuse. Western medicine only treats the symptom of a malady – while the pills might be helping the pain from the backache, they’re not truly looking at the root cause. Western medicine is expensive, and often prescribed by doctors who have no personal investment in individual patients. Western medicine is only a quick fix for a long-term problem. It’s like putting a Bandaid on a bullet-wound – it might not hold for long.


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Why You Should Turn to Chiropractic Care


Generally, because of the hands-on nature of chiropractic care, practitioners become heavily invested in the well being of their patients. This system focuses on regaining joint mobility that has become limited because of tissue damage, and attempts to manipulate the patient’s joints into becoming the strong, capable structures they were meant to be. Chiropractic care is based on the idea that the human body is a brilliant piece of architecture that needs occasional maintenance in order to stand as strong as it should.


This type of care generally reduces inflammation in these areas of damage through chemical and physical changes that take place after manipulation. Most patients find quick pain relief and increased mobility in joints.


While some might find initial discomfort when starting chiropractic care, many practitioners have experience in creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for their patients. And while some patients claim minor discomfort for up to a day after, most experience nothing but bliss after discovering their newfound ability to move.


The Symptom or the Cause


When choosing the right kind of care for your malady, it’s truly up to you. But if you’d rather overlook the symptoms and treat the root cause of your ailment, eradicating your problems for good, turn to chiropractic care to feel stronger, move better, and live a healthier life.

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