Chiropractor for Hip Pain & Hip Adjustment in Chandler, Arizona

With summer fully upon us, the weather’s perfect in the morning to play a few rounds of golf with coworkers or friends. It keeps your mind sharp, it strengthens your fine motor skills, and it’s a great workout to walk a full nine holes.

 How an Arizona Chiropractor Can Help With Hip Pain

But how do you plan on hitting the links at San Marcos if your hip hurts too badly to stand up, let alone swing a driver? By coming to see a skilled chiropractor in Chandler – that’s how.

Isn’t Chiropractic Care Just for Backs?

One of the most common misperceptions about chiropractic treatment is that it is only used to treat the spines of ailing patients. While chiropractic care can often dramatically decrease back pain and help with alignment of muscles and tissues surrounding the spine, that’s not all it’s capable of.

Chiropractor for Hip Pain in Chandler, Arizona The hip, along with the spine, directly supports all of your body on a daily basis. From slouching in an office chair, to jogging on concrete, there are many common activities that can cause wear and tear on the hip and its surrounding muscles and cartilage. Because the hip is directly connected to the spine via the pelvis, lower back pain is often confused with hip pain. The key is discovering the cause in order to find the right treatment for you.

What Will the Chiropractor Do?

First, during an initial visit, your chiropractor will examine your spine and hip in order to determine the exact cause of the pain. There are a number of things that could be ailing you. If the cartilage has worn out in the ball and socket joint of your hip due to prolonged usage, this is known as arthritis and can be treated accordingly. Or if you are used to sitting with poor posture for extended periods of time, you may have slipped or ruptured a disc in your spine, leading to intense hip pain – treatment exists for this as well.

Once your chiropractor has discovered the cause of your pain, he or she can begin treatment right away. While in rare cases more serious action needs to be taken, for the most part spinal adjustment will help alleviate the pain, eventually eradicating it permanently. It is also possible your hip pain is due to degeneration – if this is the case, he or she will advise you on the proper way to take care of your joints.

Living a Hip Pain Free Life

Live a Hip Pain-Free Life with Chiropractor Hip Adjustment in Chandler, Arizona While an adept chiropractor can help eliminate the pain in your hip and lower back through basic spinal adjustment, he or she would rather you live a life free of pain already. That’s why, at Advance Back & Neck care, we don’t just try a temporary solution – after understanding your ailment, we offer lifestyle advice to help you understand which activities are best for your condition, and which ones only aggravate your symptoms. As we understand that all patients have unique and individualized problems, we offer detailed suggestions on how to live an enjoyable life, free from the constraints of pain.

If your hip is keeping you from doing the things you want, step into our office – it’ll be the first step you take into your new, pain-free life.

Dr. David Voyer

Dr. David Voyer

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Dr. David Voyer


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