Core Strengthening

Spinal Decompression TherapyThe core of the body is the foundation of all physical motions. As the switchboard of the body, it is where the power is stemmed from. For optimal wellness and wellness, the spine needs to be strong, versatile and unobstructed in its movements. The core spinal muscles connect to the spine, pelvis, and shoulders to produce a strong foundation of support. Spine Force is a groundbreaking technology established in France by LPG that works with the Spinal column from the inside-out (CORE), assessing, dealing with, and assisting to prevent musculoskeletal diseases while promoting total health and well-being. SpineForce is the only device on the planet efficient in stimulating the deep muscles of the spinal column.

SpineForce Core Strengthening in Chandler AZ

Spinal column Force is the only machine on the planet to reinforce the core spine muscles. The oscillating platform identifies weaknesses and/or imbalances in the spine, creating personalized exercise protocols for patients’ particular needs. The protocols work in combination with the majority of medical professional recommendations to enhance core spine muscles. This helps the CORE spinal muscles hold the vertebrae in the correct placement alleviating disc and nerve pressure. This can offer immediate, enduring and measurable results. SpineForce works up to 180 muscles at when, reinforcing the muscle chains, optimizing coordination and stimulating balance and enhancing posture. It can be used to virtually anybody, despite age or physical shape; empowering them to reclaim and maintain their complete bodily homeostasis and attain maximum health. Spine Force is the ideal partner for spinal control and decompression therapy.

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