Arizona CryotherapyCryotherapy is using cold in the treatment of acute and sub acute injury to lower the discomfort after sports reconditioning. The most typical cryotherapy tools made use of at Recuperation Physical Treatment include ice packs, and ice massage; made use of alone or in combination with electrical currents.

Cryotherapy in Chandler, AZ

Cryotherapy typically produces a 3 to four phase sensation; first an uneasy sensation of cold, followed by a painful, then burning or hurting feeling and finally a pins and needles. Usually, a minimum of 10-15 minutes is required to achieve a severe analgesic (pain relieving) result while lowering the temperature level to the hurt area, hence minimizing the metabolic rate and swelling connected with tissue injury. Cold is exceptionally helpful in the acute phase of common inflammatory condition such as as bursitis, tenosynovitis and tendonitis.

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