Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Arizona Electronic Muscle TherapyElectrical excitement units use an electrical present to imitate the exact same electrical impulses that are triggered during normal workout. By passively triggering the muscle, the body reacts in similar way as during regular workout. By placing a pair of electrodes on the target muscle or muscle team, the therapists at Advanced Back & Neck Care can send electrical impulses through the skin to underlying nerves, stimulating the tightening and relaxation of the muscle in a rhythm similar to daily exercise. Electrical Stimulation can be made use of for 2 primary functions; strength training and muscle tone or discomfort control.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation in Chandler, AZ

The EMS (Electrical Muscle Excitement) facility is made use of for muscle training. By mimicing active workout, muscles make use of glycogen, fat, and various other kept nutrients throughout tightenings. With constant use of the EMS, the tetanic muscle excitement will lead to muscle tone, strength, and improve shape. This technique would be most often discovered in the field of sports medication, physical therapy,  and recovery.

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