What to Tell Your Chiropractor During Your First Visit

Heading to an Arizona Chiropractor for the first time can be a daunting experience. You may have heard warnings from friends, or you may have simply been relying upon western medicine for your whole life, so you might not know what to expect.


Truthfully, though, the first visit to a chiropractor is the chance for them to understand your ailment and map out a blueprint for your treatment and eventual recovery. It is important, then, that you remain honest and open about each symptom that you are experiencing, and that you provide them with as much information as necessary. Here is what you should include so they can treat you with the best care possible.


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What Hurts, Where, and How Often


During your first chiropractic visit, your Chandler Chiropractic Practitioner will inevitably ask you the reason for coming. When answering, be sure to be as thorough as possible when discussing your symptoms. You may have distinct pain, but be sure to include the existence of auxiliary discomfort as well, in order to fully inform your chiropractor of your ailments.


Also, be as detailed as possible with the pain type. Whether a certain body part is numb, aches constantly, or only experiences sharp pain during movement can all be vital information for your doctor.


Medical History


Even though your chiropractor does not practice western medicine, he or she still needs to know about your previous medical history. If you have had any broken bones, have torn any ligaments or other tissues, or have sustained any blunt force traumas, be sure to voice this information right away. Knowledge of previous injuries or maladies can all be of help when your chiropractor is formulating the best plan for you.


Also inform them of any non-tissue related problems as well, including organ problems, high cholesterol, or anything involving high levels of inflammation in your body. All of these ailments can be alleviated through the use of chiropractic care, so include this in your medical history.


Questions or Concerns


As you would with any doctor, be sure to voice any questions or concerns you have about the type or efficacy of treatment you will be receiving. If you have doubts about a certain method or technique, ask specific questions – a good chiropractor should be able to lay any worries you have to rest. Or if you would like to understand the connection between the treatments and your symptoms, voice this right away. Your chiropractor should clearly explain his or her plans, and how it will be of most benefit to you. Don’t leave the office after your first visit feeling confused – ask as many questions as necessary, and make sure they are all answered.


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Go With an Open Mind


Either before or after you speak, your chiropractor will perform a full physical examination on your body to understand the status and capability of your joints and tissues. They will then proceed to give you recommendations for treatment based on their observations.


One of the most important things to ensure your first visit is successful is to enter with an open mind. You may not be used to the terms or methodology of chiropractic care, but understand that your chiropractor is a licensed practitioner who only wishes to help. Being patient and open-minded can help both of you succeed together.


Remember to also provide your chiropractor with this necessary information, as well as anything you or they deem pertinent, and you will leave your first visit ready to work towards a happier and healthier life.

Dr. David Voyer

Dr. David Voyer

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