Free Weights

Free WeightsWeight training isn’t just for body builders and expert athletes. In physical therapy, it can be a crucial element of the therapy strategy that can help to restore loss muscle mass, balance the body as it recovers from injury, and increase physical stamina– all things which can assist you in speeding up your return to total health.

Free Weights in Chandler, AZ

Just as physical treatment exercises are designed to recover correct function of a specific location of injury or stress, weightlifting is used to prepare your muscles and joints for a go back to the demands of everyday living. Weight training is among the finest methods to restore broken muscles, develop muscle size and strength, and give you the stamina to stay clear of re-injury– whether at work, rest or play.

Benefits of Weight Training in Physical Therapy

• Restores damaged muscles

• Rebuilds muscle size and strength

• Conditions body for a return to sports or other active lifestyle

Develops stronger joints and increased flexibility

Provides strength and balance to the body that helps prevent re-injury

Increases endurance for physical activity the stresses of everyday living



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