Heat Therapy

Arizona Heat TherapyAt Advanced Back & Neck Care, Local “superficial heating” is suggested in sub acute conditions for minimizing pain, increasing tissue flexibility and promoting recovery of injured tissue. The most typical applications of superficial heat in the facility are by hydrocollator packs (moist heat) and paraffin bath, a liquid type of heat incorporating paraffin wax and mineral oil (typically used for arthritic hands and feet). These standard applications of heat are basic and effective ways to ease joint pain and residual swelling connected with injury, reduce muscle convulsions linked with low back and neck stress, and help enhance versatility of tight muscles that are a result of skeletal muscle (eg., hamstring, quadriceps) strain.

Chandler, AZ Heat Therapy

The physical therapist might also use ultrasound to produce a “deep heating” effect in tissues high in collagen, such as tendons, muscles, ligaments, and joint capsules. The deep heating benefits of ultrasound have been revealed to lower joint stiffness, minimize muscle spasms, rise blood flow and reduction chronic swelling.

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