Injury Massage & Physical Therapy – Working Hand in Hand

Injury Massage and Physical Therapy Working Hand in Hand

For many people, healing seems to require nothing more than sitting and waiting. Yet, doctors often encourage patients who have suffered mild to moderate types of injuries to get physical therapy. This is the process of re-introducing the body to the activities it used to be able to do. For example, a patient with a back injury may feel it hurts to move. Once the healing process begins, he or she needs a re-introduction to moving the back properly to encourage movement. However, what many don’t realize is that injury massage can and often times should be a key component to this process of healing as well.

What Is Injury Massage?

Injury massage is done expertly. A good example of how it works, though, is done right at home. For example, if you’ve spent all day on your feet and they are tired, sore, and swollen, rubbing them seems to help. This is a very basic example of how injury massage can work. It helps to encourage healing and, in some cases, can help individuals to heal faster.

Injury Massage & Physical Therapy Working Together?

Physical therapy is an excellent solution for healing after an injury because it helps your body with the motions and methods it needs to use to function properly. Adding injury massage to this process is likely to offer even more benefits. Injury massage is often overlooked, but it can go hand-in-hand with physical therapy to help you to heal faster. While you don’t need to be actively participating in physical therapy to use injury massage, most people can benefit from both.

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Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Massage

How can injury massage really aid in your health improvement:

  • It helps to stimulate blood flow to the area. This delivers important nutrients to the damaged cells in the area.
  • It can help you to heel faster after an injury compared to just using personal injury.
  • It can help to stimulate relaxation, which can help you to sleep better and, as a result, heal faster.
  • In many ways, injury massage can work to encourage healing at a faster without the pain of sore muscles.

It is important to turn to professionals for both physical therapy and injury massage. Proper technique is essential to ensure the muscles are not further injured during the healing process. In short, this type of technique only works when performed properly to the affected area. Even if you are not in physical therapy, but have aches and pains, reach out for help with injury massage. Our experienced team can help you to regain a better quality of life with improved healing.

Dr. David Voyer

Dr. David Voyer

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