Injury Massage

Chandler Injury MassageUsing targeted injury massage techniques on soft-tissue injuries (such as muscle pulls and strains, tendonitis, ligament sprains, and whiplash) can help them heal faster. Massage reduces spasm, pain, and swelling. Massage can also prevent the formation of excess scar tissue or reduce excess scar tissue and adhesions (stuck together tissue) that weaken muscles and make you prone to another injury.

Injury Massage in Chandler, AZ

Massage for injury requires a routine schedule, a minimum of once a week. In many cases, you will see much faster results with a twice-a-week schedule. For how long? It relies on the nature and level of the injury, how old it is, and your ability to heal. It also depends on your determination, when appropriate, to ice the injury, workout or stretch the injured area if proper, or determine and get rid of the reason for recurring injury. Injury massage isn’t always unwinding and can leave you feeling sore for a day or more. However, it’s not needed to be in a great deal of discomfort after the massage– that’s too much work– constantly let your massage therapist know how you felt after your last massage.

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