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In our quest to get healthy and feel better, we might research the latest diet fads, take a sample class at the local gym, or consider adding a slew of vitamin pills to our breakfast routine. Sometimes, however, the most effective solutions prove to also be the most simple. Take massage, for instance. The simple act of having a professional therapist work our muscles can go a long way toward helping us feel more relaxed, calm, energetic, and prepared to tackle daily life. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are five things “Irish” you to know about the benefits of massage therapy.

1. Massage Can Ease Pain

An appointment with a professional massage therapist is sure to ease any pains you may be experiencing in your muscles. Even chronic pain can be relieved by proper massage therapy techniques. Make sure to talk with your therapist about any pain you are currently experiencing. This will help them focus your session on those problem areas. You’re sure to leave your session feeling much better. Even if the pain is related to a chronic condition, the temporary relief offered by massage therapy can boost your morale and give you the strength to perform daily tasks.

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2. Massage Can Ease Anxiety

Although most people associate massage therapy with its physical benefits, proper therapy can also relieve anxiety. Massage releases serotonin and dopamine, two critical elements in the reduction of feelings of depression. That physiological response coupled with the soothing rubbing motions and care from an attentive therapist can help people with chronic anxiety, or even help prepare people for things like surgery.

3. Massage Can Boost Immunity

On top of all this, massage can also help boost your immunity by activating T-cells in your body, white blood cells that are critical to strengthened immune response. Rather then stocking up on cold and flu medicines, consider booking regular massage therapy appointments in order to help prevent illness in the first place.

4. Massage Can Improve Blood Pressure and Circulation

It makes sense that a full body rub, done by a professional who knows all about human anatomy, would help your body circulate blood efficiently. This can make a big difference in how we feel and in our overall health. Proper blood flow is so important–it’s how our body gets oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body. A regular schedule of massage sessions can go a long way toward helping your body do this task better.

5. Massage Can Ease Pregnancy Discomforts

With your doctor or midwife’s approval, massage is considered a safe therapy for pregnant women. It is recommended that women wait until they are in their second trimester before booking a session. A massage therapy session with a therapist trained in the specifics of prenatal massage and in the changes a pregnant woman experiences can make a world of difference in a pregnant woman’s comfort level. Massage can ease back and shoulder tension, help blood circulation, soothe tired legs and feet, and help a pregnant woman deal with the possible discomforts of pregnancy.

For all these reasons, and more, it makes sense that regular massage therapy can do a great deal to keep you healthy and happy. Why not give it a try?

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