Personal Injury

personal-injuryAdvanced Back & Neck Care specializes in a number of injuries and accidents related to personal injury claims. We have a wealth of knowledge of not only what to look for but how to treat injuries related to auto accidents. People will often not realize that they are injured after an auto accident until symptoms start showing a month or sometimes years down the road. We will do a comprehensive exam to look for not only immediate injuries but also problems that could cause issues down the road.

We also have extensive experience dealing with injuries that are often associated with slips and falls. Everything from injured ankles and knees to necks and backs, we can treat it all. We have a staff of incredibly accomplished and experienced chiropractors that can help to make sure that your neck and back are treated properly. Aside from the chiropractors, whose treatments will also help with knee and ankle pain, we also employ full-time physical therapists to help you fully recover from your injury.

Last but not least, sports injuries. Boasting years of experience helping athletes with their sports related injuries is great but what separates us from competitors is our love of sports. This gives us the extra incentive to not only make sure that athletes receive only the highest quality treatment but also that the treatment does not take longer than absolutely necessary. We know you want to be competing and our goal is to help you accomplish this in the fastest and safest way possible.


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