Pressure Points You Can Massage Yourself to Relieve Stress

Pressure Points You Can Massage Yourself

Everyone gets stressed out. We’ve all been there and have had to wade through the stress in a wide variety of different ways. While remedies vary, from taking a walk to having a drink to meditating to even taking medication, there are actually pressure points that will allow stress to be relieved, allowing you to go on about your day. Below are the best pressure points that can be massaged by you or someone else which will help to relieve your daily stress.

Massaging the Wrist

There are a number of points on the wrist that can be massaged in different ways to relieve stress. The best thing about this is that if you really learn how to do this massage properly, you can do it to yourself throughout the day. One example is measuring three fingers down from the start of your wrist and applying pressure where the third finger down touches the middle of the wrist. Only press hard enough to interrupt blood flow naturally, not cause pain. Hold this pressure and knead your thumb in a circular motion for about 2 minutes straight. You can do this on both wrists when you are stressed or when you are nauseous.

Massaging the Middle of the Foot

Sit down and cross one leg over the other, without shoes on. Draw a line down with your thumb between the 2nd and 3rd toes to a third of a way down your foot. Press your thumb firmly down and then knead that area with your thumb for about two minutes straight. You should do this on both feet to help relieve stress and allow you to relax. It’s especially good for right before you go to sleep.

Massaging the Ears

Ear massages can be incredibly relaxing and are easy for you to do on your own. Pull down gently on the lobes and rub the inner part of each ear lobe for about two to three minutes at the same time. You will be amazed by how relaxed you feel after doing this and it can be repeated on a regular basis whenever you get stressed out during the day.

Massaging the Third Eye

The space between your eyes above your nose and below your forehead is known by people who give massages and pay attention to pressure points as the “third eye.” This can easily be massaged by you when you are stressed out. Place your index finger against it firmly and then tap at least twenty times in a row in a steady fashion. Take a deep breath with your eyes closed once you have done a round of it and repeat as necessary.

Massaging the Base of the Skull

Interlock your fingers and place them behind your head where your neck meets your skull. Then push your thumbs up into the spot where the two appendages meet and massage for at least twenty seconds. Repeat as necessary.

If there is an area that is causing you trouble that you can’t reach, then it’s time to recruit a professional. Call Advanced Back & Neck to schedule a massage is Chandler, AZ.

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Dr. David Voyer

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