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People with back pain seek out chiropractic help because of the high rate of success with fixing musculoskeletal system problems. For issues that are causing pain, people can receive help for their spines that do not require the invasive treatment of a surgeon’s knife. It is important that you be comfortable with your chiropractic practitioner, so take your time sifting through our Chandler, AZ chiropractor reviews so you can rest easy knowing you made the best choice

It is vital to make sure your spine receives proper care so that misalignment does not occur, and you can schedule regular adjustments to keep your pain at bay. If you are experiencing discomfort in your back and you are located in the area surrounding Chandler, AZ, you can turn to the chiropractors at Advanced Back & Neck Care for help.

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I love Advanced back and Neck.  My name is Betty and have been a patient since my knee replacement surgery in March.  My orthopedic referred me over for PT.  Troy has helped me out so much, I can bend my knee with out pain and I’m playing golf again.  The office has so much to offer, I just love everyone!


My name is Sarah.  I came into Advanced Back and Neck about 6 months ago.  I was referred by a friend that is a patient. I have been suffering with migraine HA for 15 years.  First of all the staff is great!!  They have so many different thing they do at the clinic, with the docs, the P.T. side, Troy is great and all the LMT”s are very good.  I was told the curve in my neck was real bad which can cause HA.  I was adjusted and did massage for the first 2-3 week.  I started to feel better in 2 weeks and about that time I started PT also.  After doing specific stretches, excersies I really felt better and now I rarely have a HA and if I do it’s mild.  I would tell anyone to go see the team at Advanced Neck and Back they are great!!


My name is Bill . I was referred over to Advanced Back and Neck by my co-worker who had severe headaches and was very happy with the entire staff.  I had been to 3 different doctors and all they would do is give me pain meds.  I had severe back pain with pain in my left foot.  I saw the doc the first day, he was very thorough and let me know what to expect.  I was adjusted and also saw a LMT who was great , she was able to massage my back with out hurting me.  After 2 weeks the pain went from a 10 to a 6 and I was sleeping at night.  The third week I saw the PT on staff, he work on my core and posture, and put me on a lumbar decompression table.  With in 6 weeks I was feeling so much better.  I’m so happy with my progress and now tell everyone about Advanced Back and Neck.

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