Physical Therapy in Arizona


In addition to two full time chiropractors, Advanced Back and Neck Care‘s “Wellness Team” also has a full-time physical therapist; Amanda Appleberry, PT.

Physical Therapy in Chandler, AZ

Physical therapy is the science of medicine that seeks to return patients to the highest possible degree of personal independence. Amanda Appleberry works with patients with specific  muscular, and skeletal conditions. Our physical therapy department is also involved in prevention programs to assist people of all ages in maintaining optimal health and physical fitness.

Amanda Appleberry plans treatment programs after extensive P.T. and Chiropractic evaluations of each patient and review of his or her medical history, while following consultation with the patient’s physician. Tests, observations and a thorough health history provide vital information about a patient’s strength, weakness, reflexes, sensory perception, posture, gait, work and daily living activities.

Individualized treatment programs are designed to restore functional movement, relieve pain, promote healing and recovery, as well as, improve athletic performance. After evaluation, our physical therapist treats patients through various forms of exercise techniques to improve flexibility and motion, promote strength, and train endurance.

Our physical therapy department takes pride in helping our patients increase their strength and improve their health to a level they did not think possible.  Not only does physical therapy and exercise aid in disability recovery; it is also key in improving your health potential to perform better during athletics, protect yourself from injury on the job, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Along with the state-of-the-art rehab equipment used for rehabilitation, some of the other physical therapy treatments include: Medical Massage, Ultrasound, Cervical Traction, Intersegmental Traction, Cyotherapy, Heat Therapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Spinal Decompression Therapy and Lordex, Core Strengthening with Spineforce, Free Weights, and Personalized Exercise Programs.

Physical Therapy Services We Provide

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