Vital Systems Assessment Test (VSAT™)

What is VSAT™?

VSAT™ stands for Vital Systems Assessment Test. It is a combination of three tests:

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Pulse Wave Velocity
  • Sudomotor Function

These three tests provide you and your physician with detailed information about your risk for cardiovascular and neurological disease, often before other tests would show any abnormality.

VSAT™ testing is also sensitive to changes in medication and lifestyle. It quickly reflects improvements or disease progression. This allows you and your physician to see if your treatment efforts are properly working to increase your health.

Each test is backed up by dozens of years of use and hundreds of pages of scientific studies showing safety and efficacy.


VSAT™ is Fast and Pain-Free

  • Performing the three tests together requires only 20-25 minutes in your physician’s office.
  • No injections, blood draws or treadmills. VSAT™ requires only topically applied sensors.
  • A printout of your results, with plain English explanations, is available.

Saves Lives and Quality of Life

  • VSAT™ testing provides vital information about your health before other tests do, allowing you and your physician to intervene early to prevent further problems.
  • One of the VSAT™ tests, Heart Rate Variability, is the only test for the risk of sudden cardiac death, which has no prior symptoms and is responsible for 1/3 of heart attacks.
  • One in every 100 – 150 VSAT™ tests done will lead to life-saving intervention.

Covered by Medicare and Most Insurances

  • VSAT™ testing is fully covered by Medicare, and private pay insurance, for patients who qualify for the test by medical necessity guidelines.
  • VSAT™ tests provide your physicians’ office with a detailed screening questionnaire to determine your eligibility.
  • You may be eligible for re-testing annually, or more frequently, if there are medication or other significant health changes.

Is VSAT™ Testing Right for You?

Only your physician can determine whether VSAT™ testing is necessary for you. Your physician bases this decision on several factors, such as your medical history, symptoms and risk factors. If your physician does advise you to be tested it is because they feel that doing the test could potentially save your life, help preserve your quality of life and provide valuable information with which to monitor and evaluate relevant medical conditions you may have.

How to Prepare for the Tests

  1. Wear loose fitting, comfortable, clothing.
  2. Please remove any dark nail polish on index fingers and big toes.
  3. Be prepared to remove your shoes and socks during testing.

Protect your life and your quality of life. Schedule your VSAT™ testing today!


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