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workers-compensation-claim-formAt Advanced Back & Neck Care, we specialize in treating workers’ compensation injuries near Chandler, AZ.  Workers’ Compensation claims are handled in a similar manner to many other insurance claims, and we have extensive experience working with workers’ compensation claims.

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What is Workman’s Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program for employee, which is mandated by each individual state.  The purpose of workers’ compensation is to pay employees who are injured on the job or who suffer illnesses as a result of their work.

Generally speaking, employees who incur work-related injuries or illness may receive workmans’ comp benefits no matter who was at fault for the impairment.  This type of benefit is also commonly referred to as workers’ comp, workers’ compensation insurance, or workman’s comp.

If you’ve been injured on the job, it’s essential to see a medical professional right away.  At Advanced Back & Neck Care, we offer:

  • Same-day appointments when needed.
  • Years of experience with worker’s compensation case workers.
  • Swift evaluation of work-related injuries.
  • Prompt, personalized treatment plans.

Our comprehensive and timely status reports will help you keep everything organized so you can obtain the maximum workers’ comp benefits with minimal stress.  We don’t believe in simply treating the pain and sending you back to work.  We focus on fixing the injury and getting to the core of its cause, correcting the problem from its very roots so you won’t endure chronic pain going forward.

Treating the Work Injury

At Advanced Back and Neck Care, we use a combination of care options to treat the pain and fix the injury.  We work with our patients to identify the circumstances that caused the injury so we can correct the problem permanently, taking preventative actions to avoid re-injury and chronic pain.

Work-related injuries can occur in a variety of forms.  Our experience professionals work with patients who suffer from:

  • Acute pain;
  • Sudden back pain resulting from a fall or a lifting injury;
  • Chronic and insidious work injuries such as repetitive motion injuries, which commonly occur in the rotator cuff (shoulder) or cause carpal tunnel syndrome in the hand and arm;
  • Poor work posture that causes neck strain, body pain, and headaches.

In each case, we correct the damaged body structure that caused the symptoms by way of relieving nerve pressure, removing scar tissue, and calming inflammation. We then correct the circumstances that led to the injury in the first place.  This may involve improving ergonomics and work posture or working with the patient to develop a stronger core strength and flexibility.

* Before you visit our clinic, please contact your Arizona workers’ compensation representative to obtain authorization to be evaluated.

Our Arizona Workers’ Compensation Doctors Can Help

Our doctors and staff provide comprehensive care to each injured worker.  We bridge communication between the employer, insurance company, and workers’ comp case managers by providing information about the treatment plan, its progress, and the patient’s status along the way.

  • Physical therapists are part of our outcomes-based program.  They focus on getting the appropriate care to our patients as early as possible so they can resume work as quickly as possible, and help you recover properly with full function after an injury
  • Chiropractors specialize in neck and back complaints.  These are among the most commonly reported ailments resulting from the workplace.  Our chiropractors can help you to ensure that there is no long-term damage in your neck, spine, and joints.  Click here to learn more about chiropractic care and worker’s compensation.
  • Medical Massage Therapists work to reduce scar tissue and massage helps loosen the body for chiropractic or physical therapy treatments.
  • Pain Management Doctors perform medical procedures such as selective nerve blocks, neurolytic procedures, and epidural steroid injections.  Our on-site x-ray laboratory and fluoroscopy suite make it easy for our patients to undergo pain management procedures from the comfort of our office.

Statistically speaking, most workers’ compensation claims stem from injuries relating to slips and falls.  This is where coming to Advanced Back & Neck Care can benefit you; we have extensive knowledge and experience treating injuries of this type.  Contact us today for a free injury evaluation.

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